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SHANDONG HEALSEE CAPSULE LTD. is located in Zhoucun, Zibo city which is famous for its long business history in China. It is close to the hometown of the King of the world class short story Pu Songling. The company covers an area of 120000 square meters. It is specialized in the research & development of vegetable capsules, as well as its production, sales and trading.

SHANDONG HEALSEE CAPSULE LTD. plans to invest 100 million US Dollars to build a vegetable capsule production zone (Total capacity: 50 billion pieces/year). It is equipped with 112 automatic production lines, aspire to be the largest vegetable capsules supplier in Asia.The company bases its development on scientific progress and focuses on independent innovation. With the pursuit of company culture “Healthy living, green life” and obligation of serving people’s life, the company keeps developing, studying and importing advanced technology and new equipment, especially the use of dip molding process, to supply empty vegetable capsules. Now SHANDONG HEALSEE CAPSULE LTD. has provided perfect package materials and solutions for traditional Chinese medicines and healthcare products.

HEAD-CAPS'raw material is vegetable cellulose derivatives - hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose. Its holding company Shandong Head Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose founded in early 20th century, who guarantees strongly the stable quality and market competitiveness of HPMC, the raw material for the vegetable capsules.

HEAD-CAPS is created under the philosophy of nature respecting and live with health. It satisfys the different demands of many customers from various culture backgrounds and it is popular widely around the world. We would be further dedicated to the research and development of pharmaceutical and healthcare product packaging materials. We would be the leading vegetable capsule company in China, as well as the top supplier of HPMC packaging material.